Piccolo Family Farm takes us back to our roots - to where our story began. From humble beginnings, we are reconnecting with family and the earth to bring an authentic paddock to plate journey for each of our customers.

Our family businesses; Limone and Miei Amici Cafe & The Pantry are connected by the "Piccolo Family Farm". Our seasonal produce features strongly in the design of our fine dining menu at Limone and daily specials at Miei Amici. The Piccolo Family Farm is also the source for our jams, pickles and preseves available to purchase from The Pantry.

You will find Peter and Luke Piccolo dividing their time between the Piccolo Family Farm and the cafe and restaurant. While our recipes can incorporate industrial food, we recommend sourcing locally when at all possible. Seasonal produce and free-range meats always yield the best flavour. Most of all, we believe they contribute to a healthier ecosystem and a more connected community.