While Piccolo Family Farm is a bustling hive of activity, our approach to produce is steady and holistic.

The farm uses sustainable farming practices, with all the produce harvested by hand and free of nasty chemicals and pesticides. We farm respectfully, efficiently, and proudly, and see our practice as a partnership with the land. We ensure to nurture the delicate ecosystems across our gardens, orchard, and vineyard, encouraging nature to take lead of the process.

Our practices promote healthy soil by using low-impact methods with minimal inputs. We carefully select produce varieties to complement our farm’s climate and soil type, creating thriving crops of diverse produce all year round.

Wine -

2021 saw the first vintage for Piccolo Family Farm’s wine range, Lilias.

Lilias features four Italian varietals: Grechetto, Fiano, Montepulciano, and Aglianico. The grapes are all grown on the farm and were carefully selected to suit the climate and conditions of the region and reflect the Mediterranean heritage of the Piccolo family.

Our wines are an expression of our place and our culture.

The process starts in the vineyard, with sustainable and nature-led practices to produce quality fruit. Our winemaking methods are simple and honest, giving our wines sovereignty to be a true expression of the varieties.

Lilias was named for the original farm name and the wife of soldier-settler of the original farm, Hugh Gilmore Maegraith.

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